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True mobile eCommerce

Reach your customers while they're
away from their desktop


Shopping behaviour is changing fast

PayPal recognises that Mobile website business is growing rapidly.
40% of mobile phone owners now consider their phone is the most convenient device for accessing the internet and the percentage of smartphone shoppers has almost doubled over the last 12 months.

There's even speculation that mobile commerce will overtake bricks and mortar sales.

Find out how to reach those customers

You can't afford to be left behind

Mobile commerce in the UK is expected to be worth £4.8 billion this year and is predicted to grow by over 30% each year until 2016. That's roughly £80 spent via mobile phones for every person in the UK.

The power of osCommerce & jQuery Mobile

osCommerce is a popular low cost e-commerce framework for anyone to use to sell their products. Desktop and laptop displays keep getting bigger and though mobile phones keep getting more powerful, the limitation that makes the phone portable makes it difficult to properly use osCommerce websites.

How do you capture customers who want to find the product you sell while they're away from their desktop?

jQuery mobile have made a JavaScript/CSS/HTML framework that works well on every modern mobile phone. We've taken that framework and with our years of experience with osCommerce have created software you can add to your osC website to make it mobile friendly.

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Very bandwidth friendly and quick to load
AJAX use so that pages load with very little blank screen time and images load only when they're needed.
Very finger friendly
Swipe multiple images, all product options displayed neatly with good 'finger space' on links and buttons. No frustrating stabbing at the screen.
Quick checkout
Either login or create an account and then proceed to your normal checkout pages (to utilise your full range of payment methods and checkout modifications) or use PayPal Express checkout for fastest possible purchases.
Fully compatible
Compatible with multiple versions of osC with very little fuss - Loaded Commerce, OSC 2.3.3, MS2 COMPATIBILITY TESTED.

A first class mobile experience

Give your customers the experience they deserve with fast loading pages,
good bandwidth optimisation and easy checkout.


Self install for €300

The self install option is yours after you click the buy button below.

You'll be emailed access instructions and if your store is fairly standard, just FTPing files to a new folder will show you what your store looks like, then just tweak the settings, upload a logo and test it. When you're happy make a few easy modifications to your core site files and your customers will be redirected if they access your site from their mobile phone. Any customer can switch to the full website at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific query that's not answered here, drop us a line

Is there a demo version?

Does it work with X version of OSCommerce?

Almost certainly. We've been working with OSC since 2.2MS2 and have checked it on versions from that very old one to the latest 2.3.3. We've also worked with CRE Loaded since v6.2 and it works on each version of that too.

Can I put images on the home page?

Yes. If you've got a banner manager (like the one on CRELoaded), it'll use that. If you have no banner manager, you can just select images you want displayed and put them in /m/images/home and they will be automatically displayed.

Does it work with X version of Zencart?

Sorry no. Although Zencart started life as a branch of OSCommerce, it is now so different that it requires a complete rewrite in order to support it. That might follow in the future if enough people ask for it.

There's no "New Account" form - huh?

If you enter your email address, it uses AJAX to determine if this email address already exists as a customer. If it doesn't, the form expands with more details requested and it then creates the account and logs you in.

If you're a customer, it lets you log in. If you enter the password wrong it says "Your email address is correct but your password is incorrect".

Does it support multiple languages?

The webapp is written with English support, but the language setting of OSC is supported so whatever default language is set on the main OSC site will be expected on the webapp. If this is not English, you will need to translate one language configuration file.

My Checkout is "Customised". How will OSC Mobile work with that?

There are two alternative checkout mechanisms once items are in the cart. PayPal Express is recommended because that presents the quickest route to a sale, but if you don't want to rely on PayPal Express or if you want to support vouchers or customised checkout and payment options, the system either logs you in or creates an account and then transfers you to checkout_shipping.php for the remainder of the checkout to be used from the main site. At that point, you're likely to retain the customer.

My site is heavily customised. Can I use it?

It really depends what you've had done. It's probable you'll need modifications made to OSC-Mobile, so contact us to discuss it.

My site uses Power SEO by Magneticone. Can osc-mobile work with that?

Yes. We had a customer from China who had this particular SEO enhancement so we can be sure it works with that.

I'd like to Customise OSC Mobile. Can I?

As long as you pay for what you use and don't resell it, you're free to change it as you wish. If you're not able to make the changes you want, contact us and we can help.

Will OSC Mobile display all my product pictures?

The webapp knows about extra images used by CRE Loaded/Loaded Commerce/OSC 2.3 and will display all of them using a slider. Using a touch-screen smartphone, you can swipe the images to display the next one. With a Blackberry, click the navigation arrows.

Will this affect my Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

No. We recommend that the OSC site is not diluted by having this mobile version installed so we have a robots.txt file which tells search engines not to crawl these pages. All the products and listing page exist on your main site so you'll gain no benefit by having the extra pages crawled.

Will OSC Mobile have all the features I've got on my main site?

No. OSC Mobile is deliberately "lean" and optimised to ensure a fast response for mobile phones. You won't appreciate it if you view it on your desktop browser, so make a point to try it while you're away from home on your cellphone. Remember, the site is intended to make it as easy as possible to buy from your site and it will make buttons big enough for fingers to use and pictures large enough to see properly.

How does pagination work on category listings with lots of products?

There is no pagination, but it takes steps to minimise the data displayed. The image is not loaded unless the mobile phone scrolls to it, so with just the text and price displayed the overhead of a category with a lot of products is very low.

What's on the History Page?

Every product you buy and every details page you visit is recorded. When you visit the History page, these will be displayed within the category that contain them.

Which version of JQuery and JQuery Mobile does it use?

Currently it uses v1.8.2 of JQuery and 1.2 of JQM. We'll look at keeping track and making use of new features as they're released. We looked at recent upgrades of JQM and it didn't give any advantage so we've kept it stable with an older one.

Category abc isn't being displayed. Why?

Categories will only be displayed if they contain subcategories or active products. On the osC demo version or the CRE demo version of the site some of the Hardware categories are not displayed because they contain no products.

Will it mark the orders so I can see if any are mobile orders?

No, but the "History" feature is available for you to look at if you want to.